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Fluid Art & Abstract ArtFluid Art & Abstract ArtFluid Art & Abstract Art

About Us

The Unplanned Artist Story

I’m an artist. There, I said it. That was easier than I thought it would be. It’s easier to say that now anyways. 

I didn't always consider myself an artist. I didn't go to art school. Instead, I studied accounting and computer science and have proceeded through this life of mine working at jobs that utilized those skills. But I AM an artist. Oh, yes indeed I am.

I won’t kid you, I cannot draw worth a crap (though I do make excellent stick figures, don’t let anyone tell you differently). And even though I cannot draw like Monet or Van Gogh I can still create!

The reason I create is because to not create is equivalent to a slow, painful death. OK, maybe I exaggerate just a little. I create because with each painting I discover so much – about me, about the world around me. Seriously.  

I arrived here as an Unplanned Artist. My hope by sharing my art is to bring color into each of your lives.

Thank you!

The Unplanned Artist - Linda Andel

P.S. Every piece we sell is a one-of-a-kind creation!

More than Just a Store

Can a store be more than just a place to buy supplies? Absolutely! We are always on hand to ask questions about what products are best for your project. We also create commissioned original pieces.

Our Creative Team

We are makers and artists, just like you! Be sure to let us know what you are working on. Send us a picture of your finished project and feedback on how the materials worked for you. We would love to see your work!


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We create one of a kind fluid art and abstract art paintings.

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